JUNE 4. 2022  Saturday at Marina Green Park, Long Beach, CA




  1. Long Beach Convention Center Parking Lot (limited space) $15-$20 each car – Address: 598E E Seaside Way, Long Beach, CA 90802. (NO TOWING CARS – towing cars please check your roll-in info page) Once it is full you will be re-directed to other parking lot such as PIKE.
  2. The PIKE parking structure for event parking spaces
  3. Other public parking  Parking Locater website
  4. Parking fees are determined by the properties and subject to change.


Information updated 6.2.2022














TORC is not responsible for any PUBLIC PARKING fee (rate subject to change) or parking space availability. You are not required to pay in advance at the parking gate, unless it is a daily rate agreed at the entrance.  All the city parking is a PUBLIC PARKING and is operated by the City of Long Beach unless it is designated for else, and TORC has no control of any fee or space. Parking space is not guaranteed for event visitors, they are first come first serve basis.