Instruction for 2021 show-cars

address for SHOW CARS only:  500 Shoreline Village Dr. Long Beach CA  

 Your letters have been mailed out on May 24 from LA and OC area.  You are welcome to check your registration status by simply replying to your automated e-mail confirmation.

Your passengers must pre-register by June 2.   LINK 

PRE-REGISTERED Show Cars only  – RAIN OR SHINE.  No at-gate registration, no negotiation no challenge please

Visit TOYOTAFEST FAQ Page for all your questions

As agreed upon on at time of your registration, towing parking is NOT provided. Please make your own arrangement before the arrival.











Requested arrival time for registered owners: 


>>> DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 7 am, please<<<

  • YELLOW/GREEN/papers – between @ 7 am to 8:30 am 

  • PINK papers –  @ 7:30 am to 8:30 am

  • BLUE papers –  @ 8 am

  • SWITCHED cars (By the same owner only – no at gate registration)  from the originally registered cars –  @ 8:30am

*8:30am for any switched cars will be asked to stand-by at the gate,  unless it is the same models from the originally registered.  Therefore please arrive at 8:30am to avoid long wait. You may be asked to go for a drive otherwise)


  1. *Be aware!! Earlier arrival than above time frame is ONLY scheduled for staff and vendors. There will be NO entry assistance for regular participants earlier than above arrival time.
  2. NO TOWING CARS will be accepted at the venue this time. No exceptions. 
  3. *NO LEFT TURN into the staging area. All the line will be formed along Shoreline Drive.
  4. *Check Long Beach LIVE TRAFFIC before you hit the road.
  5. See our FAQ page for more information.
  6. See VISITOR INFO page for spectators.

Once you stage your car in the show, please, you MUST STAY with your car until the public open at 9am as we may need you to relocate your car. Thanks!