update 5/3.2021

There are 2 different events and registrations are also separated. 

6/5/2021 ALL TOYOTAFEST in Long Beach, California 

$60 per/car (USA participants only) 

Space are limited under a restriction due to Covid-19 safety guideline.

Registration includes:

(1)25thanniversary T-shirt, pre-order (non-refundable)
(2)25thanniversary Keychain pre-order (non-refundable)
(3)25thanniversary Sticker pre-order (non-refundable)
(4) Above items will be distributed on site on the day of the show, OR will be delivered to you with the following conditions:


TORC 2021 Cancelation Policy 

*1 > In case of the event is cancelled or your registration is canceled by TORC for any reasons, TORC will SHIP all the above items to you after by end of June 2021.  A partial refund of $10 to be sent back to you. 
*2> In case of the registered owners decide to withdraw for any reasons (which including any reasons or changes made by TORC or the city of Long Beach) TORC will SHIP all the above items to you by the end of June 2021. A partial refund of $10 to be sent back to you. Withdrawal request must be received before May 20 st2021 via email.
*3> In case of  you cannot attend on the day of the show for any reasons, we will SHIP above items to you. No refund to be made.

Registration has been closed since 5.3.2021  thank you

Stand-by Form is here 







TORC Digital 2021 Registration (YouTube 3 days event)


$20/car. Premiere in July 2021 

Registration is open  4/17/2021  – Close 5/17 –  Latest media submission deadline 5/31/2021


Registration includes :

(1)Participation in TORC Digital 2021 > YouTube 3 days event – you will upload photo/video. (later time is ok before 5/31) Read more details about participation in the next page.
(2) 25th Anniversary Keychain (pre-order) non-refundable
(3) Priority mail shipping fee included
(4) No cancellation/No refund
  • Digital Premiere in July 2021.
  • Above item will be shipped in July 2021. (date TBA)







T-shirts sales (pre-order)  $25  + shipping 

Order deadline 5/9/2021

A simple ore-order of a 25th anniversary T-shirt, will be shipped by end of June 2021.