Pre-Registration will be open in spring 2020. Stay toned for more info!


2020 ALL TOYOTAFEST  Rules and Regulations

* subject to change/be updated at anytime without prior notice.

Advices given by TORC, City of Long Beach and Long Beach Police Department.


** registration fee is  NON-REFUNDABLE  for any cancellation unless it is a duplicated payment **

Please : DO NOT DISPUTE via PayPal in any case. It will be a result of >>>> $20 charge back fee <<<<and you are responsible to pay that amount.



1) No pets of any kind except certified medical dogs.


2) “For sale” sign or decals displayed on windshield and dash board is NOT allowed. This is a car show, not a sales site.


3) No Swap meet, merchandise display, sales, flags/banners of any kind are allowed except vendors.


4) Your spot is for 1 car (regular size) space only, as an individual participation, not as a business entry.


5) There will be NO at-the-gate/on site-registration. All show cars must PRE-REGISTER.


6) No alcohol bought by the participants in the show area. +No open grill inside the venue.


7) Cars must remain in their assigned location for the duration of the event.  *Please – No leaving early as this is a safety hazard to participants and spectators. No vehicles can leave until it is authorized by the show staff and organizers.* Meaning, the quickest you may be able to leave is right after the show with enough clear space is secured. Due to the street condition, some congestions will be expected. The cars may be advised to leave by section to section to avoid the heavy traffic. The show area is expected to be vacant before 6pm.


8) Parking will be based on model type unless specified. Parking location will be designated accordingly and subject to change. If you come with friends that have different models, you may not be allowed to park together.


9) All show-cars entry to be done at tentatively between 6 to 8:30am* on SATURDAY only. The entry gate & street will be closed at 8:45 am.  Show runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm**** Time subject to change.  You will receive a specific entry guidance accordingly.


10) Car show participants must follow all directions and maintain slow driving speed during the event venue at all time.


11) No engine starts. No squealing of tires. No burnouts. No racing or cruising inside or venue or near streets. We have the right to reject any person(s) who violate these rules or whom we deem inappropriate or a safety hazard for all. TORC maintains a zero tolerance rule and violators will be escorted off the premises and/or any alcoholic possessions will be confiscated. Anyone disobeying these rules will be asked to leave the event immediately.


12) Towing vehicles will be required to pay general parking fee at their expenses, and can not enter into the show-area to drop of your show-cars.  Any supplier truck other than the registered vehicle must be authorized prior to the event, park at the assigned parking area, (not with your show-cars) for entire the duration of the show.


13) Make sure that you drive/bring your registered vehicle. Only registered vehicles will be allowed onto the event grounds.  If your registered vehicle cannot attend (due to mechanical or other reasons), and you wish to bring another vehicle, PLEASE notify the events coordinators ASAP or at least 2 weeks prior to the show. Be aware that we cannot park your non-registered vehicles smoothly the day of the show. We’re not being picky, but when we have several hundred cars trying to get in, we can not have delays.


14) Time schedule is subject to change.


16) Conditions of Award/Recognition has been changed since 2016. Announcement on main page.


17) Event staff / organizers / volunteers / event sponsors and vendors/ the city of Long Beach reserve the right to refuse service / cancel registration / and or entrance to individuals we deem inappropriate to anyone. Any participants, visitors or exhibitors who fail (or has failed in the past in any other events or meets) to follow the written rules and regulations or verbal instruction from the event staff is subject to disqualification and removal or/cancelation from the event. This also includes >> un-sportsman like behavior<<excessive profanity, sexually explicit, >>violent<< unethical, intoxicated, under the influence, >>>questionable character<< or anything else deemed inappropriate <<<by the event staff, volunteers, our sponsors and the venue, and also by car community or car club/groups participating in this event.


Thank you for your cooperation to make this event safe and enjoyable to everyone.


>>For 2019 Registered Owners: Your confirmation letters

have been mailed out on 5/20/2019 from LA County & OC County area. Please expect the letters to be delivered sometime during this week. If you do not receive it by May 28, then please contact us by just simply replying to your email confirmation, or texting to the number on your email confirmation. 



>> For Stand-by Approved Vehicles –

Your parking spot is now available in stand-by vehicle section that is first come/serve basis. We only reserve your spot unti the deadline date given on your invitation e-mail. Please complete your registration today by following the steps in your invitation email.