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TORC㊗️DIGITAL Day 1 – presented by T.O.R.C. sponsored by TOYOTA U.S.A.

For the first time ever, TORC DIGITAL is here! The three day digital event – premier on August 5,6, and 7, with each day featuring Toyota owners from around the world, coverage of the All Toyotafest Long Beach event, and TOYOTA USA video creation: “Insider Stories” which includes exclusive interviews and original TOYOTA television commercials from the past.


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________ Day 1 – Table of Contents________

@0.01 Long Beach – ALL TOYOTAFEST 2021 Coverage

@3:37 Owner’s Interview – 1982 Soarer by Joji Luz

@13:23 TOYOTA INSIDER STORIES “DG-Spec burns an 86”

@16:12 TORC DIGITAL – Owners Introduction Part 1

@22:55 TOYOTA INSIDER STORIES “An Unlikely Hot Rod”

@25:41 Owner’s Interview – 2011 PRIUS by Robert Pia

@36:24 TOYOTA INSIDER STORIES “Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3″

@39:57 Collector’s story – 2000GT by Craig Zinn

@42:53 TOYOTA INSIDER STORIES “Ever Better Cars”

@44:59 Owner’s Interview – 2010 PRIUS by Rodney Esteban

@51:20 TOYOTA INSIDER STORIES “Corolla No Compromise”

@56:05 TORC DIGITAL Toyota Owners Introduction Part 2

@1:01:49 TOYOTA INSIDER STORIES “Hatching the Corollas Hatchback hatch”

@1:03 Owner’s Interview – 1974 Corolla by Nicolas Renovales

@1:14 TOYOTA INSIDER STORIES “Upside down at the truck plant”

@1:16 Long Beach – ALL TOYOTAFEST 2021 Coverage Part2

Enjoy the Toyota classic official TV commercials!!


* Video content courtesy of Toyota Motor North America. All rights reserved.

**All videos presented in this channel are owned and property of Toyota Owner’s and Restorer’s Club. (TORC)



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