All Toyotafest related F.A.Q.


Reviewing the 2019 All Toyotafest Registration rules and regulations

Reviewing the Show-Car Entry Instruction


*LBPD will be on duty all day for this event to ensure the safety to all.  Especially, please refrain from “Blast off or Burn out” after the show, as the Shoreline Drive is a mature street.  Security check/Bags checks to be done.

Participants/Show-cars  related questions: updated 5/26/2019


  • My letters are not yet arrived! Will I be ok? 

YES> Please don’t panic, it is ok… If you successfully registered (meaning you did receive the first e-mail confirmation letter in April/May) then you are on our list.  Sometimes letters do get lost in transit. TORC staff will be at the gate for your check-ins. Please allow some time and get ready to be stand-by at gate while we check you in. Check our Show Car Entry Instruction page.


  • Can I park with my friends?

Basically no. However it is possibly done only within the same models of registered vehicles of a few, when you roll-in together. There is no guarantee. Please be reminded – this event does not offer any car club parking as agreed on the registration rules. Parking sections are designated based on the models due to smooth and fast parking situation of 500 cars. Thanks for your kind understandings.


  • I can not make it. Can my friend come on behalf?  Or can I get a refund?

Your friend can take your spot. TORC is not responsible for any money transactions between you and friend. ** Since the confirmation letters have already been mailed out to the original registered owners, all transfers need to be handled at the gate by TORC staff. Your friend needs to arrive at 8:30am with the confirmation letter handy or with your info so we can verify.

No refund is going to be made as agreed at your time of registration.


  • My show-car hasn’t done yet, so I decided not to take it, but will just come with my family. Do I need to pay parking fee?

Yes.  You may still try towing the car if that is still drivable. Or you can come with your friends who are also registered to the show to avoid parking fee. Please see this page for several parking options around the show site. (paid parking)


  • I can not make it but still want my goodie bags. What is the option?

Your goodies are available for you/your friend/family to pick up all day 8am- until 1pm on site. Please  try to manage to come visit the show even without your show-cars, or contact your friends. We will need to fully verify the person who is receiving goodies for you.


  • Can I sell my parts by my car? Can I put up my sponsor’s banners or flags? 

No. You can not sell anything or promote any business if you are not registered as a vendor. Those items will be removed.


  • Can I bring guests? 

This event is free and you we have no limit on the guests. However keep in mind: for safety reasons due to very busy traffic in the show area while show cars are staging, please stay by your vehicle until 8:30am and refrain from wondering around just yet. Stay by your car so we may need you to move your car for final adjustment.


  • Can I bring a canopy?

Yes. However please make sure the following:

  • Canopy is a plain, non logo printed canopy.
  • Canopy can set-up only after 9am. Weights are must as the venue could be windy.
  • Canopy location must not conflict with other show vehicles.
  • Please follow event staff advice that they may ask you to relocate the canopy.


  • What are the conditions of show-car categories? 

Please review our announcement posted since 2016, and also on the Rules and Regulation page.

Review the condition


  • I am towing my show-car. What is my option for the loading?

Your show-cars must be drivable condition in order to have you on the day of show. You can unload your show-cars at one of the nearest visitor parking lot (Long Beach Convention Center’s lot) located just across the show site. Then, drive in your show-cars to line up. Check our Show-Car Instruction page for more details.

* Towing is your option, and you are responsible for any parking fees ($15 all day) which may be higher according  to your size of  towing vehicle. Parking fee is determined by the LBCC, TORC is not responsible for any loss or damages.


Photo: Visitor Parking at Long Beach Convention Center 224 E. Shoreline Dr. Long Beach







  • Can we do a BBQ there?

No BBQ please.  You can still bring your own food such as sandwiches etc. Please, no littering.


  • Will you have food vendors?

Food may be brought in by participants with their show car only. No food may be brought in after show opening. No exceptions. 

There will be 5 Gourmet food trucks available.  Also, the Shoreline Village has nice restaurants and shops available and it is a walking distance.  ** Food truck companies are subject to change.




Visitor related FAQ.

  • Where is the visitor parking?

There are several options, including the parking lot at the Long Beach Convention Center. (photo above)  Please check our VISITOR INFORMATION PAGE. for more information.  


  • Can I bring my pets? 

Sorry, no pets unless they are medical docs.


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