*LGBPD will be on duty all day for this event to ensure the safety to all.  

Especially, TORC has notified the city of Long Beach and LGBPD about an incident in 2021. Please refrain from “LOUD MUSIC / Blast off or Burn out” during the show or after the show.  Security check/Bags checks to be done.

Participants/Show-cars  related questions: updated 4/26/2022



⭐️Where is my confirmation letter? >> It will be delivered to you around and between 5/24-31

FAQ 1 * How do I register my Toyota? It’s closed for 2022. 
   Go to Registration Page
FAQ 2 * How do I know if I get a spot? 
   You have informed by email. If concerns, please email to >> registration at 
FAQ 3 * Can I CANCEL and get a REFUND?
As you agreed upon at your time of registration, the registration fee will NOT be refunded IF you withdraw yourself due to your own schedule.  PLEASE REVIEW OUR CANCELATION POLICY 2022 
FAQ 4* I want to know my registration status asap.
   While we are reviwing all application, we are not able to respond to indivisually.
FAQ 5* I am not sure if I successfully complete my registration.
   You received an automated email, meaning your application has been received and now has been under review.
FAQ 6* I had an accident and need to change my vehicle. Can I?
Yes, as long as you can bring a confirmation letter on hand (which will be MAILED to you physically 1 week before the show) then you will be assigned to a new parking zone on site. If the model of the car is completely deferent (ex> Land Cruiser to Corolla) then please arrive at 8:30am, as you may need to stand-by for Corolla section. You can update your vehicle info on site.
FAQ 7* Do I need to register my guests?

  • What is new safety guidelines for the event/ Effective as of April.1 2022

Please see this page for the new COVID19 Guideline mandated by State of California, Los Angeles County and City of Long Beach.    Guideline for Mega Events .


  • Why do we wear a mask in your event? 

Currently masks are recommended in a large scale outdoor events. Spreading Covid-19 risks decrease when all people are fully vaccinated. We are following the guideline from State of California and also the city of Long Beach. The guideline may change at any time after April 1. 2022.



  • I just found out about your event. I have a Toyota and want to bring to show. Can I?

Thanks for your interest. Our show-car pre-registration opens for specific time. Please read this page for more information.




  • registered my TOYOTA. My letters are not yet arrived! Will I be ok? 

If you have received your E-mail Acceptance, then YES> Please don’t panic, it is ok… If you successfully registered (meaning you did receive the first e-mail confirmation letter in April/May) then you are on our list.  Sometimes letters do get lost in transit. We will announce when the letters are mailed out. (not yet as of 3/28/22) TORC staff will be at the gate for your check-ins. Check our Show Car Entry Instruction page. (TBA)


  • Can I park with my friends?

It is possibly done only within the same models of registered vehicles of a few, when you roll-in together. There is no guarantee. Please be reminded – this event does not offer any car club parking as agreed on the registration rules. Especially this year under COVID19 Safety guideline, parking sections are designated to keep safety distance, and to be separated based on the models due to smooth and fast parking situation of more than 400 cars. Thanks for your kind understandings.


  • I can not make it. Can my friend come on behalf?  Or can I get a refund? 

Sorry, your friend can only take your spot with prior notice by June 2. TORC is not responsible for any money transactions between you and friend.  There will be no refund. If you dispute over PayPal, you will be responsible to pay $20 fee that will be PayPal charge. 


  • My show-car hasn’t done yet, so I decided not to take it, but will just come with my family. Do I need to pay parking fee?

Yes.  Or you can come with your friend who are also registered to the show to avoid parking fee.  Please see this page for several parking options around the show site. (paid parking)


  • I can not make it but still want my goodie bags. What is the option?

Your goodies are available for you/your friend/family to pick up all day 8am- until 1pm on site. Please  try to manage to come visit the show even without your show-cars, or contact your friends so he can pick up for you. We will need to fully verify the person with (ID) who is receiving goodies for you.


  • Can I sell my parts by my car? Can I put up my sponsor’s banners or flags? 

No. You can not sell anything or promote any business if you are not registered as a vendor. Those items will be removed.


  • Can I bring guests? 

This event is free and you have no limit on the guests.  However, please keep in mind: very busy traffic in the show area while show cars are staging, please stay by your vehicle until 9am and refrain from wondering around just yet. Stay by your car so we may need you to move your car for final adjustment.


  • Can I bring a canopy?

Yes, only under those restriction, otherwise we may remove your canopy.

  • Canopy is a plain, non logo printed canopy.
  • Canopy can set-up only after 9am. Weights are must as the venue could be windy.
  • Canopy location must not conflict with other show vehicles.
  • Canopy location must maintain to help 6 feet distance when people are under it.
  • Please follow event staff advice that they may ask you to relocate the canopy.


  • What are the conditions of show-car awards? 


We are going back to have a car workmanship recognition awards this year.


  • I am towing my show-car. What is my option for the loading?

Currently TORC has NO designated Towing location for your towing vehicles. No exceptions. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please read this page for Towing vehicles condition change for 2021 


  • Can we bring our own food? Can we do a BBQ ?

As a show-car registered owner, you can bring your food ONLY at the time of your load-in in the morning. No visitors can deliver your food at later time. Any food must be consumed inside of your vehicles, or very nearby. There will be FOOD TRUCKS available. Please, NO BBQ. 


  • Will you have food vendors? 

YES. There will be food service available in the event this year. Restaurants are also available in Shoreline Village. No food to be brought in by spectators.



Visitor related FAQ.

  • Where is the visitor parking?

Please check our VISITOR INFORMATION PAGE for more information.  


  • Can I bring my pets? 

NO pets unless they are medical docs.


More questions: Use our Contact Form 

  • due to high volume of inquiries, a reply may delay.