Get your Toyota ready for the upcoming 24th ALL TOYOTAFEST!  We love the Marina Green Park where beautifully holds our 3rd reunion there.  Any generations of Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles are welcome.
Show- car registration opens on March 31st Sunday. (originally announced 30th). Stay tuned for any updates on this page and Registration page.






























Stop by at Cabe Toyota of Long Beach for your parts & accessories needs to finish your BELOVED TOYOTA…👍😉
Please also check the Facebook event page for any updates.
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ANNOUNCEMENT (posted 2/29/2016: updated 3/4/2016, 2/2/2017)

Going back to its roots, the intent of All Toyotafest was to be an annual gathering of TOYOTA enthusiasts where they can enjoy and appreciate all makes and models of TOYOTA vehicles. All Toyotafest was never intended to be a form of competition with “winners” and “losers”. As a result, Awards/Recognition medals will not be presented as in past years. That is, no more 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd place awards in specific categories. Rather, TORC Directors want to acknowledge the owner’s efforts within their selected category of participation and recognize individuals for outstanding and/or unique work. The TORC Board will select and present recognition Badge of Recognition to participants that bring outstanding vehicles to the show.

All Toyotafest is intended to be an event where all Toyota enthusiasts can bring their vehicles, visit with other enthusiasts, build camaraderie, partake in a sense of community, and to enjoy the day with friends and family. We are here to promote community and provide a safe and fun event for people to enjoy a common love of TOYOTA vehicles.